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Looking for GRAIN FREE, LOW FAT, LOW CALORIE snack for your dog? Browse our handcrafted, refreshing frozen lickables.



Smart snacking for our dogs means exactly what it does for us humans:  It’s a lifestyle that's about enjoying fresh, healthy foods that add nutrients and a delicious variety of flavors to the daily mix.
Our frozen snacks are not your typical dog "treats" - they offer a daily nutritional boost combined with a refreshing, long-lasting licking experience.

Color-packed, nutrient-dense ingredients are carefully crafted into every one of our frozen lickables. Our experiences have proven that nature's superfoods help dogs thrive & live longer. And because dogs naturally love licking, we love giving them
a positive experience that is comforting & soothing. 

Long-Lasting Frozen Lickables


Our naturally delicious frozen lickables give     dogs a chance to slow down, relax & enjoy their food.

  • Carefully crafted delicious comfort food snacks 

  • Superfood ingredients offering antioxidants, phytonutrients & wholesome goodness

  • Fresh food, real food; 100% human grade

Clean labels - it's not just what we put in, it's what we leave out


Check out Murphy enjoying his Nugget's BONE BREW



Pick up one of Nugget's dogurt cakes to celebrate your special occasion