Nugget's Launches in the Pacific Northwest

June 02 2017

Nugget's Healthy Eats has arrived on the west coast!  

Green Dog of Portland, OR announced the addition of Nugget's Bone Broth and Yogurt products to their lineup with this post discussing the benefits of feeding your dog real bone broth. Check out their article about bone broth: 

From Green Dog's post:

We are so happy to add this brand to our freezers! This is some of the nicest bone broth we've seen. It’s made in a human food facility with truly human grade ingredients. The premium marrow and knuckle bones they use are from animals humanely raised on open-pastures, grass-fed & hormone/antibiotic-free.

 Stop by Green Dog or your local independent pet supplier and ask for Nugget's. 

 (See our store locator for a location near you.)