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All broths are not created equal

Real Bone Broth ≠ Highly Processed Commercial "Broth"

REAL bone broth should not be confused with today's commercially available stocks & broths on grocery store shelves. Most of the bone broth on the market today is made with poor quality ingredients. In fact, many of the brands in grocery stores don't even use bones to make their broths. It’s important to know where the bones come from and what the animal was fed.

Our premium marrow and knuckle bones are from animals humanely raised on open-pastures, grass-fed & hormone/antibiotic-free. We use bones from 100% grass fed/finished beef, and bones from pasture raised turkeys. 

Real, traditional bone broth is made by slow-simmering the bones for days to extract amino acids, collagen, and minerals into the broth. Real bone broths are pretty solid and "jiggly" (at refrigerated temp.) from all those nutrients, especially the collagen. The purest bone broth cannot be stored at room temperature because it contains no preservatives and it has not been further processed to be shelf simmeringtable.

Our Bone Brews are made the old fashioned way - in simmering kettles. We then freeze our broths to ensure the freshest possible product, without the need to over process or add ingredients to make it shelf stable. 

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