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We Love Cats Too!

Nugget's Bone Brews support cats' digestive and immune systems just like for dogs. Our company started out with a focus on dogs because of our own babies, but since then we've built a strong following of cat parents who serve our bone broths to top and hydrate their kitties' meals. Usually cats prefer our broths thawed - we've met a few, but most kitties aren't crazy about licking frozen food. Many of our customers report hairball reduction, better digestion, improved meal enjoyment, and better overall health with the addition of our bone broth to their cats' diets on a daily or semi-regular basis. 

Our Bone Brews are all the same formulation, whether they come in bags or cups. We simply offer the bags as a "thaw & pour" option - for cats and dogs. The cups also can be thawed for kitties, in fact some kitty parents prefer the cups because they can simply thaw a cup every few days. Please be assured if you order the cups for your kitty, the broth is exactly the same as the broth in our bags. 

Our Bone Brew bags are available in stores and now online!  Retailers can special order items for you.  Click here to find a store near you. Find a Store

If you would like to try our Bone Brew cups or bags, please click here to order.

5oz Turkey Bone Broth

5oz Chicken Bone Broth

5oz Beef Bone Broth

8oz Bison Bone Broth

20oz Turkey Bone Broth

20oz Chicken Bone Broth

20oz Beef Bone Broth

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