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Meet Nugget

Nugget's Birthday

Mr. Nugget, Dayna’s beloved golden/lab mix inspires everything we do here at Nugget’s Healthy Eats. Like all of you, Dayna’s precious boy has meant the world to her.

At the age of 11 Nugget beat liver cancer. At 12 he began to show signs he’d benefit from a kidney-friendly diet, the main components of which included quality protein, high potassium, Omega fatty acids, low phosphorus and low sodium.

Dayna and Nugget
Dayna & Nugget

Dayna had given Nugget a variety of fresh, healthy foods his whole life but she had to adjust his diet for an aging body and mind. So she started making him bone broth and yogurt snacks rich in antioxidants and nutrients that provided a daily boost to his immune system. And she served them frozen so Nugget could sit for awhile and enjoy them. Dayna was able to extend Nugget’s life during his senior years by serving these snacks as part of his daily diet. 

For dogs, licking is a calming response that releases “feel good” endorphins. This soothing, relaxing licking experience became very important to Nugget’s mental well-being every day in his later years.

During the last couple years of Nugget’s life, arthritis slowly deteriorated his spine until his passing in Feb. 2016 at the age of 15. Nugget gave Dayna the blessing of a lifetime by handing her his legacy of helping pets snack healthier.

Along with her business partners, Dayna proudly carries forth this honor in Nugget’s name and feels him close in heart every day as she honors Nugget. Nugget is happy to share “his” recipes so that your dog or cat can also enjoy them and benefit from their natural goodness!

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