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Nature's Goodness in
a Daily Snack

Smart snacking for our pets means exactly what it does for us humans: It’s a lifestyle. It’s about enjoying fresh, wholesome, unprocessed foods that bring nutrients to the whole body, along with a delicious variety of flavors to the daily mix. And it's about keeping ingredient labels clean of processed foods healthy bodies just don't need.

Our snacks offer a daily nutritional boost to the immune system in support of whole body health. And a refreshing, yummy, comforting licking experience.

Dogs' and cats' bodies are more than 60% moisture, and unlike humans, they should get a good daily dose of their water from the foods they eat. By adding real bone broth and quality yogurt or kefir to your pet's diet, they get much-needed hydration, as well as the benefits of nature’s purest superfoods.

Gut Health
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    Gluten Free
    Grain Free
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    Zero Added
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    Hormone Free
    Antibiotic Free

Eats Not Treats

Nugget’s gut-healthy snacks are not your typical "treats"

Our products meet the highest standards for human grade. Not only are our ingredients human grade, but so too is any kitchen or facility we'll ever use to produce our products.

Dogs naturally lick as a calming response known to release “feel good” endorphins. Our yogurt and bone broth cups give dogs a positive, soothing and long-lasting licking experience.

Dog Enojys Nuggets Artisan Yogurt Lick Nuggets Healthy Snacks!
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Our Artisan Yogurts & Kefir are of such high quality, we prefer not to call them “doggie ice cream” and our Bone Brews are unlike anything on the market for pets.

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