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  • Our Mission

    Lick. Love. Live.

  • Celebrate the love between pets & people by providing nourishing, soothing snacking experiences pets savor & people delight in giving
  • Help pets live happier, healthier lives by delivering the cleanest labeled, unprocessed snacks & supplements that support gut & immune health
  • Re-invent the "frozen treats & supplements" market with innovative, fresh, wholesome REAL FOOD snacks that are part of a year-round, healthy lifestyle
  • Carry forth Nugget and Murphy's legacies by supporting organizations that rescue & place homeless pets with loving families
Gut Health
Dog Enjoying Nuggets Healthy Eats Lick Nuggets Healthy Snacks!

We're Dog Foodies

Nugget BeachAfter decades of preparing fresh, healthy meals & snacks for our own dogs and experiencing them thriving as a result, we've dismissed the notion of "people food" versus "dog food." Food is food and it’s either nutritious or not! And we believe what our pets eat should never be inferior – this is true for ingredients, as well as how the food is prepared. 

Meet Nugget
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We know our pets live better and longer as a result of eating REAL, whole some, unprocessed snacks. ..the same qualities we look for in our own diets 

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