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Smart Daily Snacking

Smart snacking for our pets means exactly what it does for us humans: It’s a lifestyle. It’s about enjoying fresh, wholesome unprocessed foods that bring nutrients to the whole body, along with a delicious variety of flavors to the daily mix.

Our snacks offer a daily nutritional boost to the immune system in support of whole body health. And a refreshing, yummy, comforting licking experience.

Meet NuggetEats Not Treats

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Our Products

Nuggets Healthy Eats - Bone Brews

Bone Brews

Our slow-braised broths - we call them "BONE BREWS" - are packed with essential amino acids such as glycine, proline & glutamine that boost health in numerous ways. Rich in gelatin, collagen, cartilage and marrow, real bone broth is known to enhance joint, coat/skin, digestion & immune system health. Our premium marrow & knuckle bones are from animals humanely raised on open pastures, grass-fed & antibiotic/hormone-free.

Nuggets Healthy Eats - Artisan Yogurt

Artisan Yogurts and Kefir

Made-from-scratch, low fat SMART SNACKS Artisan Yogurt & Kefir made from milk delivered by happy cows who are hormone/antibiotic-free, grass fed, and enjoy free pasture access. We add multiple strains of live cultures with billions of probiotics for healthy bellies & immune system support.